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Maintenance is a key area that can drive major cost savings and production value around the world. The cost of machine downtime is very high. Predictive maintenance solution leveraging AI, gives companies an unprecedented chance to improve upon existing maintenance operations. The predictive maintenance solution enables monitoring of assets via sensor data patterns to predict the breakdown of assets. With AI and machine learning, the ability to process massive amounts of sensor data is faster than ever before. This gives companies an unprecedented chance to improve upon existing maintenance operations and even add something new: predictive maintenance.


By leveraging this solution, operators on the front line can understand their machines even better than before. Having all the historical data in one easy-to-access dashboard keeps everyone at the company on the same page and makes it easier for machines to get serviced, faster.

Business Value

The solution ensures that the people have the right knowledge and tools to keep the company’s mission-critical assets running at peak performance. The solution takes massive amounts of data and translates it into meaningful intelligence and actionable insights.

H2O's AI and Data Approaches

This solution  is powered by the H2O AI Cloud, Driverless AI, AutoML, and Wave. The data science approaches include regression, time series, stacked ensembles, and advanced feature engineering.



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