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Out-of-stock issues have been around for decades. We can avoid getting out-of-stock and manage inventory using ML based stock out risk solution. Manually checking the inventory can take months together for employees. Using ML, the data captured in-store can be used for multiple purposes including managing out-of-stock inventory.


The solution enables automated listing of products in inventory. It can be leveraged to understand phantom inventory and safety stock violations, which  are the two most common causes of out-of-stock.

Business Value

Predict stock out risk solution, drives sales through improved stock availability on the shelves. It also facilitates automated report generation for quantity analytics. To identify the levels of inventory, the solution can use object detection, image segmentation, and multi-class image classification.

H2O's AI and Data Approaches

H2O Hydrogen Torch is an offering within the H2O Platform. It enables novice and master data scientists to solve use cases in the area of clinical computer vision and natural language problems.



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