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Application / Account Opening Fraud


  • More accurately score applicants for fraud to drive down manual reviews and increase auto-acceptance rates

  • Reduce false positive rates to ensure only applications that require manual reviews are sent to fraud analysts 

  • Improve the customer experience during digital onboarding

  • Extend fraud prevention coverage earlier in the account lifecycle


  • Understand customer behavior and KYC to better recognize illegitimate customers and create identity risk scores

  • Determine fraud risk before a customer’s application is accepted or declined

  • Use application (document or digital based) data and monitor all payment channels to dtect complex fraud emanating from stole and synthetic ID, as well as mule activity, with high accuracy

Business Value

  • Keep fraudsters out while increasing the number of customers banks can onboard, and thus revenue

H2O's AI and Data Approaches

  • Document classification to identify ghost invoices from companies that do not exist whose identity a fraudster assumes; identify legitimate invoices from forged ones

  • Logistic regression to determine if the result of reviewing customer data is fraud or not fraud

  • Decision Trees

  • Random Forest

  • Neural Networks 


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