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Avoiding AI "Pilot-itis"

7 healthcare initiatives that will actually deliver results 

Avoiding AI "Pilot-itis" Avoiding AI "Pilot-itis"

The pandemic created a perfect storm of conditions that strained the healthcare system in lasting ways, including clinician burnout, delayed elective and preventative care, and financial instability. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is uniquely positioned to help repair the damage, offering tools that enable health systems to predict future healthcare challenges, automate critical workflows, and optimize expenditures and cash flow. 

Health systems clearly recognize AI’s potential: In 2020, 83% of hospitals in an Optum AI survey reported having an AI strategy in place, with another 15% planning to develop one. Further, 59% expect their AI initiatives to yield tangible cost savings within three years—a 90% increase since 2018.

Many programs, however, are stuck in the pilot phase. 

Download this whitepaper to learn 7 extremely accomplishable AI initiatives & strategies for success:

  • Population Health

  • Future of Work

  • Revenue Cycle and Finance

  • Precision Medicine

  • Operational Excellence

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Care Delivery

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