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On-demand Webinar: Building Resilient Supply Chains with AI

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A global pandemic, a fundamental shift in the demand for goods and services worldwide, and the recent blockage of a major international trade route have highlighted the need to build and maintain resilient supply chains. These unprecedented times presented challenges in generating accurate supply and demand predictions that reflected the significant changes occurring in our underlying ecosystem.

Traditional software approaches are unable to effectively address the complex variables present in this dynamic environment.

Join Karthik Guruswamy, Principal Engineer/Data Scientist,, to hear how supply chain leaders can leverage AI to better predict and analyze the thousands of variables that impact global supply chain systems. Karthik will discuss AI use cases demonstrating how you can:

Better balance tactical demand forecasting with strategic planning initiatives.

Optimize processes to achieve sustainable production levels for timely and accurate delivery to customers.

Predict potential downtime and accidents by analyzing sensor data, so maintenance and repair can be scheduled before the failure occurs, reducing the cost of machine failure.

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