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Building an AI-powered Marketing Strategy: the Road to Success for a modern-day CMO

We live in an era of connection and the consumer marketplace is no exception. Businesses are expected to not just meet the needs of customers, but proactively anticipate and exceed them. Today’s marketplace is constantly changing and organisations should adapt by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make the necessary changes to survive and innovate.

As consumer expectations change, competition becomes more advanced, and data gets more detailed, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are under immense pressure to utilise AI in their approach to marketing.

During this session, you will learn about what the challenges are for a modern-day CMO applying AI to create stronger, more authentic interactions with customers, and effectively using technologies to capitalise on data for insights-driven results. We speak about different methods which can make your AI systems faster and valuable towards a hyper-personalised and AI-powered marketing strategy. Watch this session and learn all about :

  • Speeding up decisions with personalised AI apps for and about customers
  • Why to use AutoML to respond on fast changing behavior of data and customers
  • Machine Learning Interpretation for Marketing Attribution

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