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Using Puddle at H2O

Release Pre-release


1Register for an Account3
2Starting Puddle at H2O5
2.1Puddle Account Options5
3Create New Driverless AI System7
3.1Viewing Driverless AI System Information8
3.2Starting Driverless AI11
3.3Launching Jupyter Notebook12
3.4SSH into the Driverless AI System12
3.5Stopping a System13
3.6Starting a System13
3.7Rebooting a System13
3.8Deleting a System13
3.9Editing an Annotation13
3.10Request Support14
4Create New H2O-3 System15
4.1Viewing H2O-3 System Information16
4.2Starting H2O-318
4.3SSH into the H2O-3 System20
4.4Stopping a System20
4.5Starting a System20
4.6Rebooting a System20
4.7Deleting a System21
4.8Editing an Annotation21
4.9Request Support21

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