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Upgrade to the H2O AI Cloud

As an existing H2O Driverless AI customer, get up to 30–days of free access to our Fully Managed H2O AI Cloud platform.

The H2O AI Cloud is a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) cloud platform that enables data scientists, analysts, and developers to easily make, operate and innovate with AI in order to solve business problems. There are no user limits, and organizations can scale to use the amount of each cloud product that they need. manages the infrastructure, software, security, and availability of the product, so you can focus on making AI and driving value for your business.

Why Upgrade?

The H2O AI Cloud is the easiest way to run and manage H2O Driverless AI.  We handle all the infrastructure, security, and software updates, and there are no user limits, so everyone can focus on making AI.  In addition, the H2O AI Cloud also enables individuals to make document, text and image models, simplify model deployment and monitoring, and rapidly build AI applications for business users.

Speed Speed

Deliver AI Initiatives much faster than with just H2O Driverless AI

H2O Driverless AI makes it fast to create state-of-the-art models, but to deliver an impactful initiative to the business, models first need to be put into production and then incorporated into applications for business users. With the H2O AI Cloud, registering and deploying H2O Driverless AI models for production takes 1-click. Also, applications can rapidly be created with H2O Wave, and deployed for business users in the H2O AI AppStore.

Speed Speed

No Operations and No Management Risk

Typically IT has to manage the H2O Driverless AI servers, software updates can take a long time preventing your business from being on the latest versions. In addition, you may also have to deal with trying to manage models that are being hosted in a variety of systems, while you're trying to model for accuracy and bias drift. With the H2O AI Cloud - Fully Managed, we manage the infrastructure and software updates and H2O MLOps handles all of the monitoring, so your teams can focus on delivering value for the business.

Speed Speed

Support Any Use Case

H2O Driverless AI handles some deep learning models, such as image classification, but there are other deep learning use cases that it isn’t optimal for, such as document AI.  We’ve built H2O Document AI and H2O Hydrogen Torch, both part of the H2O AI Cloud, which are no-code products that are optimized for document, text, image, and video data.

Upgrading to the H2O AI Cloud is Simple 

The easiest way to get started with the H2O AI Cloud, is to provision a dedicated cloud environment for your data science team or organization. As an existing H2O Driverless AI customer, we will provide you with up to 30–days of free access to our Fully Managed H2O AI Cloud platform, so you can experiment with additional services including H2O Hydrogen Torch, H2O MLOps, the H2O AI AppStore, and more. Most customers are able to complete production AI initiatives in under two weeks.

If you are then interested in migrating your current H2O Driverless AI environments to the H2O AI Cloud, we are offering special license conversion rates through the end of July and will assist you with your migration.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about the H2O AI Cloud, or if you’d like to immediately get started with your free dedicated cloud environment, contact us, and we’ll connect shortly.

Fully Managed Cloud


The Fully Managed deployment option provides the easiest way to get started and securely operate the H2O AI Cloud.

Complete H2O AI Cloud

Unlimited Users

Dedicated single-tenant cloud environment

Multi-layer security with encryption in transit and at rest

Virtually no infrastructure management

Highly available


Build models and applications with accuracy, speed and transparency.


Streamline performance monitoring and rapidly adapt to changing conditions.


Easily deliver innovative solutions to end users with an intuitive AI AppStore.

Full Platform Capabilities

Our comprehensive automated machine learning (autoML) capabilities transform how AI is created and consumed. We have built AI to do AI, making it easier and faster to use, while still maintaining expert levels of accuracy, speed and transparency.

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Start Your Upgrade Today

If you're ready to look at a proposal, we’ll rapidly generate one for you. Or if you’d like to learn a bit more and discuss your upgrade in more detail, request an upgrade meeting and we’ll get something set up shortly.