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Lightning fast AI with GPUs


Deliver Business Innovation with GPU-accelerated Machine Learning

H2O4GPU is an open source, GPU-accelerated machine learning package with APIs in Python and R that allows anyone to take advantage of GPUs to build advanced machine learning models. A variety of popular algorithms are available including Gradient Boosting Machines (GBM’s), Generalized Linear Models (GLM’s), and K-Means Clustering. Our benchmarks found that training machine learning models on GPUs was up to 40x faster than CPU based systems.

Key Features of H2O4GPUA

  • Optimized for GPU Performance
  • Broad Selection of GPU Enabled Algorithm
  • Builds on scikit-learn Python API
  • Available R API

Fully optimized to run on the latest-generation NVIDIA® Volta architecture GPUs, the NVIDIA Tesla® V100 and CUDA 9 software.

Available algorithms include Gradient Boosting Machines (GBM’s), Generalized Linear Models (GLM’s), K-Means Clustering, SVD, PCA, K-means and XGBoost to deliver models and results faster to the business.

H2O4GPU is an open-source collection of GPU solvers created by It builds on the easy-to-use scikit-learn Python API and its well-tested CPU-based algorithms. It can be used as a drop-in replacement for scikit-learn with support for GPUs on selected (and ever-growing) algorithms.

A new R API brings the benefits of GPU-accelerated machine learning to the R user community. The R package is a wrapper around the H2O4GPU Python package, and the interface follows standard R conventions for modeling.

Enterprise Support

When AI becomes mission critical for enterprise success, is there to help. H2O Enterprise Support provides the services you need to optimize your investments in people and technology to deliver on your AI vision. H2O Enterprise Support includes training, a dedicated account manager, 24/7 support, accelerated issue resolution and direct enhancement requests. Enterprise support also gives you access to H2O experts in data science, the H2O platform and DevOps/production deployment to accelerate and expand your adoption of AI.

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