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Accelerate AI Results with Trust and Confidence

H2O AI Cloud enables business to rapidly deliver AI projects that drive growth

Within high growth businesses there is always more to do than time to do it.  Data science and analytics teams are typically struggling to support the needs of the entire business with just one team or individual. Moreover, data scientists and analysts need to stay focused on delivering AI projects, vs. maintaining and monitoring existing models and AI apps.

The H2O AI Cloud is a state-of-the-art platform that enables data scientists and analysts to deliver impactful AI initiatives over 10x faster. With our AI platform, customers can rapidly make state-of-the-art models and apps with structured, time-series, image, text, document, mixed, and big data.  Additionally, the H2O AI Cloud makes deploying, monitoring, and governing AI apps simple, alerting if accuracy degrades or if bias is detected, and retraining if required.  

Who should use the H2O AI Cloud?   

The H2O AI Cloud is designed to be used by individuals, small data science and analytics teams, and large multinational enterprises, such as AT&T. provides both code and no-code experiences, enabling both experts and non experts to make state-of-the-art models for any type of data and use cases across every industry and department. With the H2O AI Cloud, companies have an end-to-end AI platform to create an AI center of excellence and solve business problems fast.



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Deliver AI Projects 10x Faster

H2O AI Cloud’s market leading AutoML, H2O Driverless AI, coupled with no code deep learning products for text, image, and document data ensures your teams will make explainable AI models fast.  Integrated 1-Click deployment and our low-code python development framework for AI apps, will have data science and analytics teams delivering production projects to the business in less than 2 weeks.

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Virtually No Ops or Risk

H2O AI Cloud provides a fully managed cloud environment, so there is no infrastructure, software, or security to manage.  The cloud platform provides a system of record for all AI projects, hosts and scales models and apps, monitors and alerts on production model performance and bias, and makes it simple to retrain and update production models.  With the H2O AI Cloud data science and analytics teams can focus on making AI instead of the tedious work of day-to-day operations. 

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State-of-the-Art Models for Any Use Case

H2O AI Cloud supports making AI with any type of data: structured, text, document, image, time-series, mixed, and big data.’s award-winning AutoML, and no code products for deep learning and documents were designed by’s Kaggle Grandmasters, the top data scientists in the world.  With’s products, data science and analytics teams with or without Phd. data scientists will be able to rapidly make highly accurate, robust, and explainable models.

Customer Success

MarketAxess, a global bond trading platform, uses machine learning to succeed quickly. With H2O AI Cloud, MarketAxess developed Composite+ to provide higher transparency and find the most consistent and accurate prices to help traders become more confident as price makers.

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H2O is an integral part of Composite+ pricing engine and provides some of the fundamental machine learning that makes our algorithms run better and to fulfill our clients' critical liquidity needs with more accurate and timely pricing data within the MarketAxess electronic trading workflow.

David Krein, Global Head of Research at MarketAxess

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Fully Managed Cloud


The Fully Managed deployment option provides the easiest way to get started and securely operate the H2O AI Cloud.

Complete H2O AI Cloud

Unlimited Users

Dedicated single-tenant cloud environment

Multi-layer security with encryption in transit and at rest

Virtually no infrastructure management

Highly available

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