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AI for Healthcare

The healthcare and life sciences industries are evolving rapidly, with organizations implementing the use of new technologies to improve and streamline capabilities. is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning company that is co-innovating with major healthcare organizations to address new challenges. With large volumes of data, increasing complexities in cost and patient outcomes, and the current global pandemic, is a partner enabling the transformational needs of providers, pharma, and patients.

In order to provide cost-effective and high-impact care,’s end-to-end platform enables organizations to rapidly build world-class AI models and applications in the cloud or on premise to deliver lasting impact for users across research, clinical, operational, and financial dimensions.

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare and Life Sciences

The increase in datafication is central to innovation across healthcare and life sciences. They translate various data sets and use AI to help forecast patterns, make critical decisions that save lives, have effective programs and workflows, and the democratization of care. The H2O AI Hybrid Cloud platform simplifies access to business applications, data science best practices, and rapid prototyping and collaboration. Built on top of the award-winning Driverless AI and the best-in-class open source machine learning library, this platform was designed to accelerate the entire machine learning lifecycle, including data ingestion, feature engineering, modeling, interpreting, and deploying models into production.

Women on Computer Background Women on Computer Background is a leader in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, helping healthcare and life science customers solve for

Structured Data

time-series analytics, anomaly detection, pattern recognition, demand sensing, and needs/growth forecasting

Natural Language Processing

entity extraction, topic modeling, sentiment analysis, sequence to sequence matching, and domain-specific ICR (intelligent character recognition)

Computer Vision

processing and extracting value from 2-D and 3-D medical imaging, geo-spatial data, and metadata

Use Cases

Predicting ICU Transfers

Saving lives by catching patients before the crash with AI

Medical Testing

Predicting Medical Test Results with AI

Improving Clinical Workflow

AI provides a Helping Hand to Clinicians

Claims Fraud Detection

Using AI to Stop $100 Billion in Fraudulent Healthcare Claims

Claim Denials Management

Streamlining the Claims Process with AI

Predicting Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs)

Saving Lives with AI

Predicting Hospital Readmissions

Preventing Readmissions and Saving Lives with AI

Sepsis Prevention

80% of Sepsis Deaths Can Be Prevented with Rapid Diagnosis