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H2O Driverless AI

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H2O Driverless AI speeds up the data science workflow by automating data exploration, visualizations, feature engineering, model tuning, explanations, model deployment, and more.

KNIME Server is an enterprise-grade solution for the deployment of data science workflows as analytical applications and services, team-based collaboration, and automation. H2O Driverless AI and KNIME can now:

  • Enable fast, reliable, and flexible access to data, insights, and predictions in enterprise data
    • Build a single integrated visual data science workflow from data preparation to AutoML and to model production
    • Simplify and speed up machine learning with the power of H2O Driverless AI automatic machine learning to business analysts in the KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server
    • Productionize H2O Driverless AI models(MOJO) using KNIME drag and drop canvas for model management and monitoring