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SLA and Support Policy

1. SLA

1. Availability Providers

Customer shall have the right to use, Inc.’s (“”) hosted managed service (“Hosted Service”) availability provisions set forth herein.

2. Definition of Availability

“Availability” or “Available” means most users are able to access the Hosted Service in all material respects. Any period of time for which the Hosted Service is not Available will be considered a “Downtime Event” with the following exceptions:


  • Any planned downtime of which gives 24 or more hours’ notice via email or account notification. will use commercially reasonable efforts to schedule all planned downtime during the hours from Sunday 8:00am - 10:00 am UTC.
  • Any period of unavailability lasting less than 5 minutes.
  • Any unavailability caused by circumstances beyond's reasonable control, including, without limitation, acts of God, acts of government, flood, fire, earthquakes, civil unrest, acts of terror, strikes or other labor problems (other than those involving employees), third party products or services, denial-of-service attacks, or third-party Internet service provider failures or delays.
  • Matters covered by Section 4.3 below.
  • Any unavailability caused by Customer’s fault


To receive a Credit, Customer must notify of a Downtime Event within seventy-two (72) business hours of such Downtime Event - by logging a service request providing detail regarding the Downtime Event and requesting a Credit.

3. Target Availability

The “Target Availability Level” is the Availability Level that plans to meet or exceed during each calendar month for which Customer is current in its payment obligations to The “Availability Level” is the number of hours during each calendar month that the Hosted Service was Available to Customer, excluding Downtime Events (as defined above), divided by the total number of Available hours during such month (as measured at the end of such month). The Target Availability Level: 99.5% in any calendar month.

4. Remedies

4.1 Credit.

If the Availability Level is below the applicable Target Availability Level as measured for the calendar month, will issue to Customer a credit equal to the pro rata fee per hour if Customer requests the credit via email within ten (10) days from the Downtime Event (“Credit”). The pro rata fee per hour is calculated by dividing the total fees otherwise owed by Customer to for the calendar month in which the failure occurred by the number of hours in such month (e.g., 720 hours for a 30-day month). The Credit during a month will not exceed 50% of all fees that would otherwise be owed by Customer to during such month.

4.2 Sole and Exclusive Remedies.

The Credit shall be Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy and’s sole and exclusive liability for any breach of the obligations set forth in this SLA. If meets or exceeds the applicable Target Availability Level, Customer shall have no right to obtain a Credit for the applicable month.

4.3 SLA Not Applicable.

Features or functions of the Hosted Service, designated as beta, limited release, developer preview or development environments, or by descriptions of similar import are excluded from this SLA. shall have no obligations under this SLA during any period in which Customer is in material breach of the Agreement, including any period in which Customer has failed to meet its payment obligations thereunder.

2. Customer Support knows that providing the best possible support to our customers is critical to making our customers successful.

2.1 Contact Information


  • Email:
  • Telephone Number: 650-227-4572
  • Web:


2.2 Service Scope

The following services are covered: 


  • Online Documentation and Resources
  • Self-serviced community support
  • Monitored email support
  • Manned telephone support
  • Scheduled live calls upon request
  • Support portal
  • Training services with gold/platinum support tier
  • TAM/CSM/DS consultation services with gold/platinum support tier


2.3 Service Management

Effective support of in-scope services is a result of maintaining consistent service levels.

2.4 Customer Support Availability


  • Email support: 24x5 with silver support tier and 24x7 with gold/platinum support tier
  • Telephone support: 24x5 with silver support tier and 24x7 with gold/platinum support tier

2.5 Service Requests will provide ongoing support to customers using the approved service support channel and knowledge base resources. When a request or transaction is submitted, will authenticate the customer to verify their identity in proportion to the risk of the request or transaction. In support of services outlined in the agreement, will respond to service-related incidents and/or requests submitted by the Customer within the following timeframes: 


  • 1 hour for issues classified as a P1 priority.
  • 4 hours for issues classified as P2 priority.
  • 1 business day for issues classified as P3 priority.


2.6 Customer Requirements


  • Payment of all support costs at the agreed interval.
  • Reasonable availability of customer representative(s) when resolving a service-related incident or request.