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H2O Feature Store 1.0 Release

October 5, 2023 | 12:00 PM EST/9:00 AM PST

Did you know that data scientists spend nearly 80% of their time on data preparation?  Building features is time consuming work, and typically data scientists build features from scratch every time they start a new project. Since most teams do not have a way to share this work, the same work is repeated by teams throughout the organization. Feature stores allow data scientists to build more accurate features and deploy these features in production in hours instead of months. 

 The H2O Feature Store intelligently extracts, manages and optimizes the feature engineering and model building process by seamlessly connecting information across platforms, establishing quality, consistency and transparency throughout the machine learning lifecycle and ultimately bringing together the diversity of skill sets needed to deliver transformational value with AI.

Join us for a special webinar to hear about the latest features in the H2O AI Feature Store 1.0 release and  how it is accelerating the delivery of AI outcomes like never before, bringing to life our mission to democratize AI for everyone.