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How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help to Identify and Prevent Fraud

December 7th, 2022 | 3:00pm - 4:00pm GMT

Identifying and preventing fraud is extremely important for any business’s success. Discovering fraud within a few minutes is crucial to avoid enormous losses, not only from a financial perspective but also not to impact the customer experience. 

In the Financial Industry, for instance, there are many challenges that need to be faced, and companies that have a more imminent risk of fraud invest in AI and Machine Learning (ML) as a preventive measure to deal with these challenges. 

ML can be an amazing tool to analyse great volumes of transactions to discover fraud patterns and then utilise those same patterns to identify fraud the moment it happens, in real time. Whenever there is suspicion of fraud, ML models can be used to reject or flag those questionable transactions.

As a business leader, you may ask yourself: how can I start implementing AI initiatives in my organisation? What are the initial steps? What should I prioritise? How can I measure the outcomes?

In this virtual event, we will cover fraud detection and prevention across various industries with real-world examples, demonstrating how has helped some of its customers, such as AT&T and PayPal. The goal is to provide our audience with a playbook on general relevant actions on how to detect and prevent fraud using AI.