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Artificial Intelligence:
An Accelerant for Financial Institutions

Empower data scientists to work faster, more efficiently to get amazing results

H2O Driverless AI for the financial industry

Financial institutions must operate quickly, and with scale, to monitor transactions, detect fraud, and offer new services to customers. They must be ready to react as customers perform transactions on any day or at any time around the world.

H2O Driverless AI capabilities:

  • Knowing the customer and offer targeted promotions
  • Determine risk and insight
  • Detect and reduce fraud

Learn how a South American bank saves time and increases accuracy of its models using artificial intelligence (AI)—and doubles customer propensity to buy.

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In the financial industry, data can translate to revenue if used correctly, yet financial institutions need to operate with scale, speed, and immense accuracy.

Data scientists at Visión Banco needed to improve the bank’s credit scoring process, including predicting existing customer behavior and churn, determining credit risk, and offering credit to new customers. Watch our webinar to learn how the bank saved time and improved accuracy by building and deploying models using H2O Driverless AI. As a result, the Paraguayan bank has doubled its rate of customer propensity to buy new offerings.

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H2O and Visión Banco: Bank doubles customer propensity to buy new offerings using AI

AI and Machine Learning Drive an AI Transformation in Financial Services

Learn how AI and Machine Learning accelerates three use cases in the financial services industry: fraud detection, credit, and Know Your Customer (KYC). Also, learn how 3 financial services companies are benefitting from H2O Driverless AI implementations.

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