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Lunch and Learn with

Free Lunch, Free Knowledge, and Something Different

We’re not sure about you, but we’ve been running downstairs, microwaving leftovers, and running back to our home-based desks for the past two years.  Lunch and Learns’ can mix it up.  They give you and your  team an opportunity to hone some data science skills, eat something other than leftovers and explore AI in a different way.


At we’re committed to ensuring you get the most value from your AI initiatives and investments. Whether you’re just getting started on your journey and experimenting, or looking to expand and scale AI across your organization - we’re here to help. 


We’ve worked with thousands of organizations around the globe to develop and deliver meaningful AI educational experiences. We’re experts and make it easy for you to be a hero bringing valuable hands-on education into your team. 

Here's how it works.

Step 1: Sign up for a Lunch and Learn Session


Step 2: We’ll contact you to learn more about your needs, and tailor the session to what you want to learn.  Speakers include Kaggle Grandmasters, product managers, and AI experts from We also love to showcase your own work and participate as a speaker!


Step 3: Order lunch for the team (up-to 10 people) delivered to your home or office


Step 4: Sign up for an H2O AI Cloud account, so each team member has sandbox for hands-on sessions


Step 5: Attend the event. Learn, collaborate and win prizes during the session.  


Step 6: Build better AI (our personal favorite).


Sample topics we’ve seen work well: 

  • Engineer Features Like a Kaggle Grandmaster

  • Making AI Apps

  • Making Deep Learning Models

  • Predict the Future with AI: Time Series Forecasting

  • Exploring the Benefits of AutoML

  • Explaining AI to your Business Stakeholder

  • Scaling AI with MLOps

Let's Eat Together