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H2O Olympics Hackathon Changes :)

Data science and machine learning hackathon for AI for Good & AI for India

April 8th, 2022 - April 16th, 2023


RankTeam IDTeam NameTeam ParticipantsFinal Score
1H2O_U3163Dipayan SarkarDipayan Sarkar8.85
2H2O_U3196DCoderzSagar Thacker, Shuchita Mishra8.60
3H2O_U3231ChatGPT se PuchoNishay Dhankhar and Nikhil Kumar Mishra8.31
4H2O_U3108  Trusha Talati Trusha Talati 8.10
5H2O_U3183Andavan ThunaiAndavan Thunai7.55
6H2O_U3228CatsndogsBlesson Tom Joseph7.28
7H2O_U3004ChaiCoffeeNCodeShrinidhi Narasimhan7.27
8H2O_U3243PredictatorsNetali Agrawal, Supratim Haldar, Rishabh Jain6.69
9H2O_U3148EthanolSalil Gautam, Rajat Ranjan, krishna priya5.94
10H2O_U3024Sarthak ShekharSarthak Shekhar5.43

About Hackathon

As part of H2O World India 2023, is excited to announce H2O Olympics - an online data science and machine learning competition taking place from April 8th to April 16th. Participants will get a chance to apply their data science skills to a real-world AI for Good use case related to India. Participants will get the use case, dataset, problem statement, evaluation metrics, and other key details on April 8th. Participants will be able to download the dataset and create machine learning models and solutions.

Prizes and Awards

The winning submissions will stand a chance to win cash prizes of up to ₹1,00,000, goodies, interaction with the Kaggle Grandmaster team, and free entry to the H2O World India Conference at the Leela Bhartiya City Convention Center in Bengaluru on April 19th.

The winning team members get a chance for:

  • Cash Prizes up to ₹1,00,000 /-

  • Potential Job Opportunity at

  • Potential Free Invite for H2O World India at Leela Bhartiya, Bengaluru on 19th April

  • Coffee with H2O Kaggle Grandmaster Team

  • H2O Goodies

Prize Details

  • 1st Place Winner: ₹50,000 + H2O Goodies + Coffee with the H2O Kaggle Team + Free H2O World India Invite
  • 2nd Place Winner: ₹30,000 + H2O Goodies Bag + Free H2O World India Invite
  • 3rd Place Winner: ₹20,000 + H2O Goodies Bag + Free H2O World India Invite

Challenge Details

Hackathon Details 

  • The dataset, problem statement, and evaluation metric details will be shared on April 10th with all the registered participants
  • Participants are free to choose any open-source library to develop machine learning models. The ones who use’s tools (H2O-3 or Driverless AI) will be awarded bonus points
  • Participants will be given access to the Competition platform where they can submit their submission files. A leader board will be shown showing their current scores and rank.
  • The winners will be chosen based on three factors - Performance, Completeness, and Storytelling. More details are provided in the next section

Expected Deliverables

A single zip file containing the following:

  1. Submission.csv (file containing model predictions on the test dataset) [ Performance ]
  2. Short Solution Deck (Max 5 slides)
    1. Brief Description of the Approach [ Completeness ]
      1. What steps did you apply?
      2. Which models were used in the final pipeline?
      3. Any interesting data visualizations about the dataset, features, importance, model performance, etc.
    2.  Brief Description of the Business Impact of your model [ Storytelling ]

Evaluation Criteria


What is the final performance of your model on the unseen test dataset

4 Points


Is the overall solution complete, have you done any pre-processing, visualizations, feature engineering, model tuning, or model explainability

3 Points


Have you shared business impact and top insights about the dataset and the model

2 Points

Bonus: Use of libraries

Bonus points if they use tools

1 Point

Judges Panel

Abhi Abhi

Shivam Bansal

Director, Customer Data Science, Kaggle Grandmaster,

Abhi Abhi

Sanyam Bhutani

Senior Data Scientist, Kaggle Grandmaster,

Abhi Abhi

Parul Pandey

Principal Data Scientist, Kaggle Grandmaster,

Temus Temus

Aakash Nain

Senior Data Scientist,
Kaggle Master,

Temus Temus

Tarique Hussain,

Senior Data Scientist, Kaggle Master,