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An event completely dedicated to the exploration and advancement of generative AI and large language models - offering a platform for experts, practitioners, researchers, and enthusiasts to explore the transformative potential of GenAI. 

Learn how to make your own GPTs and applications

Join our GenAI Masterclass featuring keynote presentations from industry veterans, hands-on training, real-world use cases, and interactive workshops to explore the potential of generative AI.

Participants will also get the chance to network with AI experts, gain insight into recent advancements in this field, and join a community shaping the future of GenAI.


portrait of sri ambati portrait of sri ambati

Sri Ambati
CEO & Founder,

Agus Sudjianto headshot Agus Sudjianto headshot

Dr. Agus Sudjianto
EVP, Head of Corporate Model Risk, Wells Fargo

headshot of Sathish Muthukrishnan headshot of Sathish Muthukrishnan

Satish Muthu Krishnan
Chief Information, Data and Digital Officer, Ally

headshot of Sudeshna Banerjee headshot of Sudeshna Banerjee

Sudeshna Banerjee
Data Management Executive, Wells Fargo

headshot of Balaji Gopalakrishnan headshot of Balaji Gopalakrishnan

Balaji Gopalakrishnan
Head of AI/ML for Personal Investor, Marketing Science, Applied Research, Vanguard

headshot of Kiran Yalavarthy headshot of Kiran Yalavarthy

Kiran Yalavarthy
Head of Risk Modeling Group, Wells Fargo

headshot of Amit Arya headshot of Amit Arya

Amit Arya
Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Global Banking, McKinsey & Company


Elaina Wheeldon
Vice President, Data Products, Applied AI, and Analytics, Lowe's

headshot of megan kurka headshot of megan kurka

Megan Kurka
VP, Customer Data Science, North America,

headshot of Feng Bai headshot of Feng Bai

Feng Bai
Field Solutions Architect,

headshot of bernard ong headshot of bernard ong

Bernard Ong
Principal Customer Data Scientist,

headshot of Jesse Luebbert headshot of Jesse Luebbert

Jesse Luebbert
Customer Data Scientist,

headshot of Eric Gudgion headshot of Eric Gudgion

Eric Gudgion
Vice President, Enterprise Architecture,

robert mulla headshot robert mulla headshot

Rob Mulla
Senior Principal Data Scientist,