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H2Oai NVIDIA Bring Fast Accurate Interpretable Driverless AI with Automated Machine Learning Feature Engineering

Businesses Can Leapfrog Data Scientist Shortage and Accelerate Adoption of AI with Driverless AI on NVIDIA DGX Systems

NEW YORK — Strata Data Conference — Sept. 27, 2017 — today announced an offering built on NVIDIA DGX Systems to further democratize machine learning and address the growing demands placed on a limited number of trained data scientists.

Traditional approaches to machine learning require organizations to rely on highly skilled data scientists with years of domain knowledge. These experts continuously experiment to discover features that make machine learning algorithms more accurate and interpretable for business teams to consume. With most of the world’s elite data scientists flocking to Software AI giants, there is a vacuum in the diverse talent needed to transform businesses with AI.’s Driverless AI platform fully integrated on NVIDIA DGX systems, lets business users, analysts and data scientists use an incredibly fast, intuitive computing platform. Now customers can apply Automatic Feature Engineering and quickly develop hundreds of machine learning models to help businesses mitigate risks and maximize revenue potential. Driverless AI offers the first of its kind model interpretability to explain model accuracy and predictions transparently.

For example, with this new solution, banks can build pipelines and engineer thousands of features to reduce false positives in anti-money laundering or credit scores with lightning speed to make credit decisions on the spot. Likewise, online retailers can analyze consumer behavior as it happens to optimize order fulfillment and minimize shipping costs.’s GPU-accelerated algorithms are optimized for NVIDIA DGX systems – a portfolio of purpose-built AI supercomputers that serve as the essential tool of leading-edge AI development. DGX systems feature an integrated software stack that enables organizations to get the fastest start in AI and the world’s most advanced data center GPU, the NVIDIA® Tesla® V100. NVIDIA DGX systems running’s Driverless AI deliver effortless productivity for business, with time-critical, accurate and explainable predictions in hours instead of days.

“Automation is key to industrial strength AI. It frees up time and talent for richer business strategies and imagination. Driverless AI is the killer-app for NVIDIA DGX Appliances. It combines the power of a world-class expert system of recipes for AI with fast, open and accurate GPU based algorithms. Automatic feature engineering and pipeline generation save time and operationalize data science for banks, insurance, e-commerce and other enterprises.” said Sri Ambati, co-founder and CEO of “Interpretable AI builds trust in AI and automates report generation for regulatory purposes. Driverless AI on GPU Computing Platforms accelerates learning and data products with AI in enterprises.”

Massive Speedups with New H2O4GPU Algorithms Library

A key component of the H2O Driverless AI offering is H2O4GPU, the first open-source machine learning library built for the NVIDIA GPU computing platform and NVIDIA DGX systems. The library allows developers to build hundreds of models in parallel and evaluate tens of thousands of features.

H2O4GPU is fully optimized with multi-GPU versions of leading machine learning algorithms and can deliver incredible speedups in performance. The accelerated algorithms include GLM, K-means, Random Forest and XGBoost. This community-wide effort furthers GPU application research, development and adoption.

“’s Driverless AI platform on DGX Systems puts the power of machine learning automation directly in the hands of data scientists and business users to build hundreds of models with unprecedented accuracy, speed and transparency,” said Jim McHugh, vice president and general manager of DGX Systems at NVIDIA. Driverless AI on DGX systems is available now from NVIDIA and Trace3, a premier provider of IT solutions and advanced analytics consulting services and a member of the NVIDIA Partner Network.

“The ease of use and power of Driverless AI running on DGX systems gives any company the ability to have machine learning and expert Kaggle level capabilities in hours,” said Carey Moretti, vice president of Data Intelligence Practice at Trace3. “We’re excited about going to market with this incredible solution.”

About is democratizing AI for enterprises. Its most widely used product is H2O, the #1 open source machine learning platform that makes it easy for companies to deploy machine learning and predictive analytics to solve complex problems. Driverless AI is its premium enterprise platform that brings the intelligence of a Kaggle Grandmaster in a box. is fostering a grassroots movement of systems engineers, data scientists, data developers and predictive analysts to move machine learning forward. More than 10,500+ organizations and 100,000+ data scientists depend on H2O for mission critical applications including 169 Fortune 500 enterprises, 8 of the world’s 12 largest banks, 7 of the 10 largest insurance companies, 4 of the top healthcare companies, and all 5 major telecommunications providers. Notable customers include Capital One, ADP, Progressive Insurance, Transamerica, Comcast, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, Macy’s, Walgreens, and Kaiser Permanente.

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