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GeoTechnologies Selects to Transform Its Geographic Information Development and Image Analysis Capabilities Through AI

GeoTechnologies a provider of map data and location information applications is effectively creating an entire in-house data science team by partnering with


TOKYO & MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – April 24,, the AI cloud leader, today announced a strategic partnership with Japanese-based GeoTechnologies, a provider of map data and location information solutions for car navigation systems. The companies used the H2O AI Cloud to jointly develop an AI-powered platform that assesses sidewalk safety from on-board camera footage. By checking the safety of sidewalks and identifying dangerous spots in advance, this technology adds safety information to the map data provided by automobiles and car navigation vendors to reduce traffic accidents. 

“GeoTechnologies has adopted the H2O AI Cloud to use terabytes of driving images to train machine learning models to improve context awareness across multiple situations. We were able to complete the work that normally takes two to three weeks, from building the environment to training and testing, in only one day. In addition, H2O's "grid search function" can search for the most accurate model from multiple AI models. Whenwe verified images with conventional technology, we were 68 percent accurate. With H2O, we have increased accuracy nearly 30 percent to 97 percent,” said Tsukasa Enomoto, Chief Digital Officer at GeoTechnologies. systematically addresses multiple steps of the data science lifecycle with automation designed to reduce complexity across tasks and empower data scientists to implement AI projects with higher accuracy more efficiently. As the major map company in Japan, GeoTechnologies is, in effect, creating an entire in-house data science team by partnering with and making its technology pervasive throughout the organization. 

“With the H2O AI Cloud, GeoTechnologies will be able to process text data, as well as unstructured data such as images and videos, using products like Hydrogen Torch, which are specialized for deep learning. Our platform will empower the GeoTechnologies team to analyze large volumes of data at high speed to build highly accurate AI models and benefit from context understanding,” said Sri Ambati, CEO and founder of “By co-creating with GeoTechnologies, we are confident that we will bring operational efficiencies throughout the company to contribute to efficient map information development.”


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As a company, it distills the technical prowess of 33 Kaggle Masters into straightforward AI cloud tools that solve powerful problems. Goldman Sachs, NVIDIA, and Wells Fargo are not only customers and partners, but strategic investors in the company.’s marquee products of Driverless AI, Hydrogen Torch and Document AI have transformed over 20,000 global organizations and over half of the Fortune 500, including AT&T, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Citi, GlaxoSmithKline, Hitachi, Kaiser Permanente, Procter & Gamble, PayPal, PwC and Unilever.

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About GeoTechnologies

In 1994, we started a digital map business for car navigation systems and since then we have been leading the Japanese map industry as a Major Map Company, by providing map data and location information solutions for car navigation systems and business customers as well as TRIMA and MapFan branded map services for individual and business customers.

In recent years, we have also been offering high-definition maps that are required for realizing advanced self-driving cars.



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Global Communications Team