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Our Product

Our Design Goal

To Bring Beautiful Business Transformation Through AI and Visual Intelligence

At we see a world where all software will incorporate AI, and we’re focused on bringing AI to enterprises.

Make It Open emerged in 2011 from a grassroots culture of data transformation. Our goal was to democratize data science by making scalable machine learning open source and accessible to everyone. With H2O, the main product, a plethora of machine learning models (from linear models to tree-based ensemble methods to Deep Learning) can be trained from R, Python, Java, Scala, JSON, H2O’s Flow GUI, or the REST API, on laptops or servers running Windows, Mac or Linux, in the cloud or on premise, on clusters of up to hundreds of nodes, on top of Hadoop or with the Sparkling Water API for Apache Spark. H2O also features the fastest distributed data ingest and data munging capabilities, and a multitude of enterprise features such as security, authentication, model comparison and rapid deployment. Today, H2O is used by over 129,000+ data scientists and more than 12,000+ organizations around the world.

Make it Fast, Really Fast

H2O was written from scratch in Java by some of the world’s finest computer scientists and systems engineers, and allows rapid manipulations of large amounts of data on distributed systems. H2O was built for massive scale—H2O’s rapid in-memory distributed parallel processing lets users train the most sophisticated machine learning model on complete data sets, not just small samples, and iterate and develop models in real-time. H2O makes it easy to take these models to productions and to make accurate predictions in any environment. Enjoy faster training, scoring and better predictions than anything else available today.

Make it Beautiful

We believe that AI must be paired with human-focused visualization in order to unlock the true potential of the technology. Smart applications are the interface for that pairing, taking AI analysis and turning it into digestible insights. To deliver on that promise, we have assembled a rock star team of data scientists, software engineers, statisticians, visual designers and UX engineers to help organizations develop data products and smart applications.

“Vertical is the new horizontal. Our largest customers are transforming their businesses with data and AI and nurturing their communities with beautiful data products. Visual experience and the interpretation of AI is crucial for further democratizing algorithms and making them easily accessible. We’re incredibly excited to have such a profoundly creative and talented team to unlock the true power of AI through visualization.”

– Sri Ambati, CEO and Cofounder