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Democratize AI

Our mission to transform the world.

Artificial intelligence is becoming – and will continue to be – more pervasive in society. This means more people, regardless of technical expertise or mathematical background, need access to it. And beyond simply having access, AI must be easy, fast and cost effective to use.

AI provides systematic solutions that can support many people simultaneously. It increases our rate of discoveries and improves our depth of knowledge and understanding on topics ranging from the hard sciences to human behavior. Access to such knowledge and intelligence should be equitable.

Our Principles

We demonstrate commitment to our mission through the technology we build, the partnerships we develop and the technical guidance we provide to both our communities and our customers. We have established four guiding principles to democratize AI.


AI technologies must address variations in infrastructure, compute capacity, technical acumen, team size, data requirements and budget to ensure accessibility and applicability to wide audiences.


Data scientists must remain core to the development and deployment of AI applications to ensure appropriate technical expertise and oversight. Compliance with laws and regulations should be transparent in model documentation.


A variety of voices and perspectives must be present in the development of AI applications to ensure the appropriate use of developed solutions, control of inherent bias, and ultimate benefit designed to be delivered by AI applications.


Trust and transparency must be prioritized in the creation, deployment and consumption of AI capabilities. Explainable AI approaches should be used to provide insight and oversight for model performance and predictions.

History shows that advancements in technology often disproportionately advantage a select few – those in proximity to it or those with the capital to afford it. At, our goal is to deconstruct that status quo and provide everyone access to AI technologies and empower more people around the world to make a positive impact with the help of AI.

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