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Nationwide Insurance Delivers Exceptional Protection for Members with

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More flexibility to work in a complex data environment



Decreased time to prototype new models



Increased accuracy of models

Nationwide Insurance, a Fortune 100 company based in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the largest and strongest diversified insurance and financial services organizations in the United States. The company, industry leader in driving customer-focused innovation, is using H2O-3 open source and H2O Driverless AI to deliver exceptional customer experiences, reduce fraud and contribute to the bottom line.


Data is everywhere at Nationwide and the company wanted more from the data they had to find new ways to provide more personalized service and response to their members. To achieve this goal, Nationwide needed an AI platform that allowed them the flexibility to easily work in a complex data environment to rapidly explore data and quickly prototype new models.

quotation mark provides us the power and flexibility we need to solve business problems with machine learning. We are able to do more with less and do it faster Our results are proof of the power of AI in action. Working with platforms allows us to quickly provide stable, statistically unbiased models that we can trust in our production environment.

Shannon Terry, Vice President, Predictive Analytics at Nationwide



Powered by H2O Driverless AI, Nationwide created a centralized data science team that has built a unique, patented model factory to monitor all of their AI and ML models for all parts of their business. By using, this agile team was able to rapidly explore data with feature engineering and prototype models related to customer churn, customer retention, call routing, risk segmentation, business segmentation, fraud, underwriting, customer expansion, customer 360 and more.


Results helped Nationwide to ensure that they are providing stable, statistically unbiased models that can be trusted in their production environment. Also with Driverless A1, Nationwide was able to achieve their goal of delivering exceptional member services by having a better understanding of changes within households, retention, and churn of members. Among the various positive results of using, Nationwide saw:

  1. Savings in the millions

  2. Less time prototyping new models

  3. 25B models scored