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Fine Tuning The H2O Danube2 LLM for The Singlish Language
by Dipam Chakraborty, Kavindu Warnakulasuriya, Jordan Seow | June 03, 2024

Singlish is an informal version of English spoken in Singapore. The primary variations lie in the style and structure of the text, and inclusion of elements of Chinese and Malay. Though Singlish is the common tongue in Singapore, it isn’t well defined or formalized. We fine tuned’s Danube-2 1.8B LLM on Singlish instruction data, wi...

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Announcing H2O Danube 2: The next generation of Small Language Models from
by Michelle Tanco, Philipp Singer, Pascal Pfeiffer, Yauhen Babakhin | April 23, 2024 Generative AI , Large Language Models , Product Updates

A new series of Small Language Models from, released under Apache 2.0 and ready to be fine-tuned for your specific needs to run offline and with a smaller footprint. Why Small Language Models? Like most decisions in AI and tech, the decision of which Language Model to use for your production use cases comes down to trade-offs. ...

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H2O Release 3.46
by Wendy Wong, Adam Valenta | April 15, 2024 H2O Release , H2O-3

We are excited to announce the release of H2O-3! Some of the highlights of this major release are that we added custom metric support for XGBoost, allowed grid search models to be sorted with custom metrics, and we enabled H2O MOJO and POJO to work with MLFlow. Several improvements were also made to the Uplift model (like MLI ...

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Open-Weight AI Models: A Path to Responsible Innovation
by Sri Ambati | April 04, 2024 H2O-3 , Responsible AI , h2oGPT

The recent Request for Comments (RFC) issued by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) on open-weight AI models has sparked an important conversation about the future of AI. As we consider the potential benefits and risks associated with making AI model weights more accessible and transparent, it is clear ...

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Transformando Empresas Latinoamericanas con Inteligencia Artificial: Estrategias y Perspectivas
by David Alexis Garcia Espinosa | February 16, 2024 Generative AI , LATAM

En la actualidad podemos reconocer que hay una alta emoción en foros y publicaciones acerca del uso de inteligencia artificial (IA) en diferentes ámbitos empresariales, muchas veces se habla de los grandes cambios que conlleva el uso de la IA en procesos de negocios sin embargo estos casos de uso exitosos en su mayoría pertenecen a com...

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Unlocking GenAI Magic: GenAI AppStudio Revolutionizes App Development with LLMs! (Part 2)
by Piraveen Sivakumar, Shivam Bansal | February 13, 2024 Generative AI

GenAI AppStudio provides a no code way to take user sketches and generates the code for you. DEMO   Introducing GenAI AppStudio GenAI AppStudio is a no-code platform specifically crafted for non-technical users, to easily transform app ideas into reality with a few simple steps. One of its key features is the ability to sea...

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H2O LLM DataStudio: V4.1 Release
by Nishaanthini Gnanavel, Genevieve Richards, Tarique Hussain | January 16, 2024 Data Preparation , Generative AI

H2O LLM DataStudio is a comprehensive no-code application designed to simplify data preparation tasks for Large Language Models (LLMs). This tool comprises three key components: Curate, Prepare, and Augment. Curate - Conversion of documents (PDFs, DOC & audio/video files) into question-answer pairs and summarization pairs Prepare ...

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