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Introducing the H2O GenAI App Store: A Playground of Generative AI Innovation


By Michelle Tanco | minute read | November 07, 2023

Category: Generative AI
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As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and reliant on data-driven decisions, the need for powerful and innovative AI solutions has never been more critical. At, we've been at the forefront of AI and machine learning for the last decade, providing you with the tools and platforms to harness the power of data. Today, we're thrilled to unveil the public H2O GenAI App Store. If you're eager to see what's available, head over to

What is the H2O GenAI App Store?

H2O has long been committed to supporting the development of custom, internal app stores for businesses. We believe that AI Solutions are only helpful if they are in the hands of businesses and allowing data science teams to rapidly build and deploy custom apps for their end users is a big part of that mission. This philosophy has enabled organizations to create tailored solutions using our powerful Machine Learning, AutoML, and Generative AI technologies. Today, we're proud to announce the public H2O GenAI App Store, a platform filled with 10+ open-source Generative AI apps crafted by the makers at

The H2O GenAI App Store is the go-to destination for those looking to understand the possibilities of Generative AI. You can visit today to explore the apps, or make an account to start using them today. Topics range from apps that help you plan your weekly meals to apps that help you understand the financial situation of public companies with new apps coming over time.

The code behind each app can be found in our open source repo. This repository is teeming with apps created using 100% Python, leveraging the dynamic capabilities of H2O Wave and H2O's Generative AI products. Whether you're an AI enthusiast, a developer, or someone eager to leverage AI for specific use cases, the H2O GenAI App Store is designed with you in mind. We encourage data scientists to submit their own apps to the GitHub if you would like to host them in the public GenAI App Store!

Meet the GenAI Apps

We’ll now walk through the apps that are available in the store and repository today. For the curious minds and developers among us, the source code for these apps is available on our GitHub repository. The open-source nature of these applications ensures that you can dissect, modify, and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of Generative AI.

Retrieval Augmented Generation

These apps talk to one or Large Language Models to combine the power of language generation with information retrieval. They generate contextually relevant responses by retrieving information from documents within h2oGPTe and then generating human-like text to provide informative and contextually accurate responses.

Ask H2O enables users to ask open-ended questions to H2O’s product documentation.

The Study Partner app can run on any collection of documents and helps you learn more about the content by generating topics on the collection and then quizzing you with custom study questions on the topic of your choice. Users receive immediate feedback and tips on how to improve. In the H2O GenAI App Store, we have documents about the H2O Products, but this app could run on any collection of documents.

BrLawGPT is designed to streamline the study and interpretation of legal documents, particularly initial petitions in the Brazilian legal system. This application simplifies interactions with PDF documents, extracts valuable information, and enhances productivity across various use cases.

Chat with specific company SEC 10-Ks to extract information regarding potential risk positions and investment opportunities using the Financial Research app which comes pre-canned with historic 10-Ks.

The RFI Assistant simplifies the process of answering Requests for Information (RFIs). In the H2O GenAI App Store, this app is contextualized with H2O product information, but could run on any collection data to help anyone answering an RFI.


AI for Life

These apps can help the average person with their day to day life. While many people are using ChatGPT and LLMs for daily tasks today, wrapping these use cases in a custom UI makes it even easier for the average person to get value out of Generative AI without becoming an expert at Prompt Engineering.

Grow a thriving vegetable garden by getting expert AI help for growing the plants you want in your specific sub-climate. TomatoAI can help you with specific topics like “What is succession planting and how do I do it successfully in the tundra?” and with open ended questions you might have.

Do you cycle? And if not, do you want to start? Then pedal on over to the Cycling Training Plan app which allows you to share information about your goals and then creates a customized plan to help you achieve them.

Selling your home? Save time crafting the perfect listing to reach your target buyer by providing details and having AI write the listing for you in the Home Listing app.

Combining the power of H2O open source technology with open-source model Whisper, the Transcribe and Summarize app will do exactly that: take any public mp3 file and transcribe, summarize, and get the sentiment.

Why spend 3+ hours meal planning when you could spend under 3 minutes for the entire week? Weekly Meal Planning allows you to customize which meals you would like, how many people you have, and whether you want cooking instructions. It then customizes a prompt for you which you can edit yourself - maybe you only want Cuban cuisine - before sending to a Large Language Model for a customized meal plan.

If you’re a python developer, or want to start writing your own GenAI apps, the Clean Code app is for you! It offers assistance in writing amazing and easy-to-follow Python code.

Contribute to the Future

If you're excited about the possibilities that Generative AI opens up, we invite you to contribute to the development of GenAI apps. We welcome your Pull Requests (PRs), whether you want to enhance existing apps or create something entirely new.

The H2O GenAI App Store is not just a platform; it's a community of AI enthusiasts, developers, and innovators. Together, we can shape the future of AI-driven applications and empower businesses and individuals to achieve more with the power of Generative AI.


Michelle Tanco , Head of Product

As the Head of Product at, Michelle Tanco’s primary focus lies in delivering a seamless user experience across machine learning applications. With a strong dedication to math and computer science, she is enthusiastic about leveraging these disciplines to address real-world challenges. Before joining H2O, she served as a Senior Data Science Consultant at Teradata, working on high-impact analytics projects to tackle business issues across various industries. Michelle holds a B.A. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ursinus College. In her downtime, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and expressing her creativity by playing the bass and ukulele.