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Gene Mutation AI


By Team | minute read | March 14, 2022

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A genomics AI solution from Health 

Powered by NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA AI 

As precision medicine becomes more widespread, both medical diagnosis and drug discovery are increasingly relying on and leveraging the individual’s genomic and phenotypic profiles. From the multiple types and subtypes of cancer to heart disease, to obesity or the immune response, the individual’s genetic predisposition plays an important role. When a disease is diagnosed, and during treatment and post-treatment care planning, the patient’s genetic information often determines the appropriate pharmaceutical and clinical response/support.

Pharmaceutical companies and research organizations invest time, effort, and money to develop personalized drug regimes. The entire pipeline typically starts with large volumes of data/information and that is reduced to a handful of known genes that can then be evaluated by an expert in each case and used to determine the best R&D opportunities.

Thousands of hospitals and clinics in the U.S. that offer genetic counseling also face challenges around maintaining a database with the raw patient data that needs to be preprocessed and analyzed.

H2O Gene Mutation AI offers a portable personalized medicine interface that can:

  1. Offer an individual’s genetic risk on demand.
  2. Present a selection of the ten most influential genes or pathways for this sample among thousands of genes, not dozens.
  3. Play what-if scenarios to simulate dose-response outcomes for the selected patient.
image3.png image3.png’s Gene Mutation AI application supports multiple pretrained models, so the same patient can be examined for their risk for multiple diseases or response to alternative pharmaceutical interventions. Gene Mutation AI can be easily extended to analyze multiple cancers, biopsy results, and molecule/drug responses. The app allows the user to load models trained with their own data, allowing detection of more types of malignant tumors.

Gene Mutation AI is powered by the H2O AI Cloud : Driverless AI AutoML , H2O-3, MLOps, and Wave©, as well as by NVIDIA GPUs.

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