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Data Science with An Introduction to Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling


By Team | minute read | March 16, 2022

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Our own Jonathan Farland  recently recorded a talk about machine learning and predictive modeling. In his talk, Jon also gave an overview of open source H2O  and H2O AI Cloud . This video is a great resource for getting up to speed with the latest technology from H2O in half an hour.


Some of you may prefer to go through the slides while listening to the talk. You can find the slides and some screenshots of the software demo below with timestamps. (Note : If the timestamp link doesn’t work, right-click and open it in a new tab.)

Individual Slides

What is Machine Learning? [1:10]
Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_04.png Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_04.png
Data Science Project Lifecycle [2:49]
Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_05.png Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_05.png
Common Machine Learning Problems [5:26]
Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_06.png Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_06.png
Supervised Learning – Regression [6:55]
Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_07.png Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_07.png
Supervised Learning – Classification [8:55]
Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_08.png Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_08.png
Unsupervised Learning [10:09]
Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_09.png Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_09.png
H2O-3 Machine Learning Platform [11:16]
Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_12.png Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_12.png
H2O Open Source Tools [12:10]
Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_13.png Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_13.png
H2O AI Cloud [13:28]
Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_17.png Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_17.png
Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_18.png Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_18.png
H2O AI Cloud Demo [16:55]
Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_19.png Data-Science-with-H2O.ai_19.png
App Store [17:05]
app_store.png app_store.png
Driverless AI – AutoViz [22:57]
autovis_01.png autovis_01.png
Driverless AI – Custom Visualization [25:03]
custom_plot.png custom_plot.png
Driverless AI – Experiment [25:38]
dai_experiment.png dai_experiment.png
Driverless AI – Pipeline Visualization [32:10]
pipeline_vis.png pipeline_vis.png
Automatic Documentation [33:19]
autodoc.png autodoc.png

 Learning Resources

How to Get Started

You can get hands-on experience with all these tools right now on H2O AI Cloud. Just sign up for a free demo today.

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