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Innovation with the H2O AI Cloud


By Team | minute read | September 02, 2021

Category: H2O AI Cloud
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Consumer expectations for responsiveness, personalization, and overall efficiency have risen dramatically over the past several years as technology has become ubiquitous across both our personal and professional lives. These rapidly growing expectations demand an expansion in focus from simply solving narrow use cases with machine learning to creating innovative, immersive experiences empowered by artificial intelligence.  

We love to power big ideas here at, which is exactly why we built the H2O AI Cloud. Our platform makes it easy to make AI models and applications, operate them anywhere and innovate with insights designed uniquely for your needs. With pervasive automation and transparency, the H2O AI Cloud augments efforts across data science, software development and end-user business solutions to quickly and easily move organizations from idea to impact over and over again. 

The H2O AI Cloud simplifies the orchestration and interoperability of AI components with three distinct categories of functionality – Make, Operate , and Innovate . Over the coming weeks, we will deep dive into each of these areas to share more about how our specific capabilities, designed by data scientists for data scientists, simplify and augment the end-to-end data science lifecycle. 

The first piece of the platform includes all of the steps required to Make  AI models and applications.

www.h2o.ai2021/09/Asset-3-300x300.png www.h2o.ai2021/09/Asset-3-300x300.png

Feature transformation Automatically visualize and address data quality issues with advanced feature engineering  that transforms your data into an optimal modeling dataset.

Machine learning.  Quickly create and test highly accurate and robust models with state-of-the-art automated machine learning  that spans the entire data science lifecycle and can process a variety of data types within a single dataset.

Explainable AI . Easily understand the ‘why’ behind model predictions to build better models and provide explanations of model output at a global level (across a set of predictions) or at a local level (for an individual prediction).

Low code application development framework.  Rapidly build AI prototypes and applications with a low code framework (Python/R) that makes it easy to deliver innovative solutions by seamlessly integrating backend machine learning capabilities and front end user experiences.


Machine learning operations and a modern architecture serve to streamline the management and deployment of those AI models and applications, allowing you to efficiently Operate in the environment of your choice, whether that is on premises or in the cloud. 

www.h2o.ai2021/09/Asset-2-300x300.png www.h2o.ai2021/09/Asset-2-300x300.png

Machine learning operations (MLOps).  Automatically monitor models in real-time and set custom thresholds to receive alerts on prediction accuracy and data drift and guarantee deployed models are operating as intended.

Flexible architecture.  The H2O AI Cloud is environment agnostic so any company, regardless of their existing infrastructure, can incorporate technologies into their machine learning pipelines.


Provide more time for data scientists and business users to collaborate and iterate quickly with AI applications built to address unique opportunities to rapidly Innovate around your real-world challenges. 

www.h2o.ai2021/09/Asset-1-300x300.png www.h2o.ai2021/09/Asset-1-300x300.png

AI AppStore.  The H2O AI Cloud supports rapid prototyping and solution development while also fostering collaboration between technical teams and business users. With comprehensive machine learning capabilities, a robust explainable AI toolkit, a low code application development framework and integrated machine learning operations, the H2O AI AppStore is the catalyst needed to move you from big ideas to tangible impact.

www.h2o.ai2021/09/Screen-Shot-2021-09-23-at-12.05.01-PM-290x300.png www.h2o.ai2021/09/Screen-Shot-2021-09-23-at-12.05.01-PM-290x300.png

The simplified architecture above shows how the H2O AI Cloud brings together the technical components needed to make AI and seamlessly blends them with the tools needed to operate and innovate with real world applications. 

The past year and a half has proven that we can’t wait for weeks or months to put impactful solutions in place. Delays in the process of moving from creating models to building applications often mean that initial data and assumptions are no longer relevant by the time teams move to deploying solutions for real world use. 

The demand for tangible ROI and increased speed to market from data science investments is steadily increasing. With a mission to democratize AI, our  passion is to deliver technology that makes AI accessible across various teams and skill sets to collectively empower organizations on their missions to deliver better products and services to the world. 

Learn more about the latest release of H2O AI Cloud 21.10 here .


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