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Top 5 things you should know about H2O World London


By Team | minute read | November 06, 2018

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We had a blast at H2O World London last week! With a record number of attendees on-site and through the live stream, it’s clear that our AI and machine learning conference was indeed a huge success and we strongly believe this achievement is a result of dedicated preparation and great love – for and from – our community and makers. So, first of all, thank you!

If you missed the opportunity to attend H2O World London, don’t worry! You can check out the conference highlights below:

1. One full day of immersive, hands-on training with H2O’s data scientists and product experts on H2O-3 , Sparkling Water , and Driverless AI .

2. Stellar keynotes from various industries and backgrounds. Attendees had the opportunity to get valuable insights from our very own Co-Founder and CEO SriSatish Ambati ; Shanker Trivedi , Senior Vice President of Enterprise Business at NVIDIA; Gary Rapsey, Global Assurance Chief Innovation Officer at PwC; Dr. James Tromans,  Head of Data Science  for FX Trading at Citi; Jagdish Mitra,  Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Tech Mahindra; and Paul Zikopoulos,  Vice President of Big Data Cognitive Systems at IBM.

3. Four major announcements: the availability of our full suite of products in Microsoft Azure Marketplace ; advancements in H2O Open Source , the launch of an Academic Program  to accelerate discovery with AI; and the launch of a Driverless AI Community .

4. A panel with 8 Kaggle Grandmasters (5 of them from Sudalai Rajkumar “SRK” , Dmitry Larko , Marios Michailidis , Branden Murray , and Mathias Müller ) that shared their tips, tricks, and insights on how to be successful on the platform. You can watch the replay of the panel here .

5. Great session speakers, such as Levi Brackman , Principal Data Scientist at Travelport; Tanya Berger-Wolf , Co-founder and Director at Wildbook; Chris Madsen , Co-Founder and CEO at Aegon Blue Square Re.

Stay tuned for our next H2O World coming soon! You can follow us on Twitter  and LinkedIn  to get the latest information on us.

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